Big Bathrooms, Heavy Silverware, and Powerwashing: 11 Nonsexual Things That Turn Us On

Just like actual sexual attraction, these seemingly mundane occurrences give us that hungry-yet-satisfied feeling.

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The ideal ankle-skin-gap ratio

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The ideal ankle-skin-gap ratio
Photo: Edward Berthelot (Getty Images)

Yeah, this is about showing skin, but it’s not sexual, and especially not on day four of not shaving your legs. It’s mathematical. You see, there are perfect ratios of sneaker height to sock height, and sock height to skin gap to wide-leg pant length. (See above.) I love my high-top white sneakers (props to Nothing New), and I like letting about an inch of a Dickies men’s gray mid-crew sock peak out the top of them. However, as a woman with long legs, my jeans are always dangerously close to presenting as capris (miss ’em). But I can’t wear super-long socks to close up the ankle skin gap—that’d look absurd. Nor do high-tops really come any higher. So I fiddle with pant styles or I show too much ankle skin. Life is hard! But when I hit that golden ratio, I’m freakin’ walking on sunshine and shit. That confidence feels great. It’s stylistic nirvana. —Sarah Rense

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