Big Style At "Big Love"


The final season of Big Love deserved a premiere with panache, and the TV polygamists did not disappoint.

It’s like Chloe Sevigny tried to figure out what’s the last label Nicky would wear, and the answer was obviously Rodarte.

Shoe detail!

Ginnifer Goodwin channels a modern southern belle in what is definitely my favorite look of the evening.

Jeanne Tripplehorn is perhaps the only one to pay sartorial tribute to the spirit of the show.

So far, this shape (as modeled by Branka Katic) is definitely the silhouette of 2011. How does that make you feel?

Is Daveigh Chase wearing a lace romper? Because — as I don’t need to tell her — with the notable exception of the miraculous hanky panky thong, lace in crotch region is a recipe for inner-thigh chafing.

There are a few routes you can go with a premiere. Straight red-carpet. Theme (as seen at “Black Swan” opening.) Or “defiant,” in which you break out from the dowdy constraints of a character and remind the world you’re glam. A la Cassi Thomson.

Nathalia Ramos‘s dress is like walking on — fine, wearing — broken glass. Which is obviously more awesome in song form than any other medium.

I’d forgotten this, but circa 5th grade and Corrina, Corrina and/or Andre, I thought Tina Majorino was absolutely the coolest. I stand by that.

[Images via Getty]

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