Bill Clinton May Have ‘No Idea’ If Hillary Will Run for President, but He Now Has a ‘Bromance’ with Barack Obama


Bill Clinton knows a lot of stuff. He was a Rhodes Scholar, after all, which either means that he can walk all over any of the sacred, manicured grass patches at Oxford, or simply that he’s sharp dude. So, go ahead — let him be your magic eight ball for America’s democratic process. Magic eight ball Bill Clinton, is Hillary going to take the White House by storm in 2016?

“[I have] no earthly idea.”

Hmm, okay. That’s fine — 2016 is a long way away…what can you tell us about how Hillary feels, right now, about a possible run?

She’s tired. She works really hard. She wants to take some time off, kind of regroup, write a book. I just think it’s a decision she’ll have to make. But whatever she does I’m for her first, last, and always.

Clinton’s Meet the Press insights into his wife’s political future may have been less than remarkable (no shit Hillary Clinton is tired — you’d think she was chasing Carmen San Diego around the world with the way she travels). Michelle Obama, however, more than made up for Clinton’s dearth of juicy detail when she described the budding friendship between Barack Obama and Bill Clinton as a “bromance” on Access Hollywood. If that word make you picture the two men tandem cycling through the park while they enjoy ice cream cones and maybe toasting each other later with a couple glasses of B&B (get it??) on the rocks, then you have excellent reading comprehension skills. Bravo to you.

Will Hillary Run Again? No Idea, Bill Clinton Says [WSJ]

Michelle: A ‘bromance’ between husband, Clinto [USA Today]

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