Bill Cosby Ordered to Give New Deposition in Janice Dickinson's Defamation Lawsuit


A judge has ordered Bill Cosby to give a new deposition in Janice Dickinson’s defamation lawsuit against him.

Dickinson filed the lawsuit in May. Last year, she came forward to accuse Cosby of sexually assaulting her in 1982. Cosby’s lawyer at the time, Martin Singer, called her story “completely fabricated.”

In court proceedings, Dickinson’s team has argued that Cosby’s reaction to her account was meant to damage her reputation. Cosby’s team has meanwhile invoked California’s Anti-SLAPP law, claiming it protects his free speech.

On Monday, Cosby’s lawyer Christopher Tayback, who replaced Singer in October, said in court:

“Where there is a case that falls within the umbrella of a potential anti slap they should see whether it should be resolved as a matter of law on the Anti-SLAPP motion.”

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Cosby and Singer will be deposed by November 25.

Cosby’s team is already looking to keep another of his depositions private as part of a separate lawsuit filed by Judy Huth.

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