Billy Crystal Says He's Hosting The Oscars So People Will Remember Who He Is

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After tweeting that his reason for wanting to host the Oscars was “so the young woman in the pharmacy will stop asking my name when I pick up my prescriptions,” it’s been confirmed by two unknown sources that Billy Crystal will indeed replace Eddie Murphy as the host of this year’s telecast.

Crystal was a popular choice to replace Murphy but he says he hasn’t hosted the awards ceremony in a long time because “it got too be too much after a while”:

“It got to be too much after a while and the sameness in my life,” he said. “That’s why I pulled back. And then when I thought I might want to do it again, they were on to other people. It’s always fun. It’s really hard, but maybe one or two more times? I don’t know. They know where I am.”
Crystal, at the Santa Monica event, elaborated on the stress and pleasures of the one-of-a-kind Oscars gig.
“I so appreciate that you like when we do it,” he said. “And I had a good time doing them. I did eight of them. And it takes a long time. I sort of stopped doing it — I would do it in patches — and then fortunately, I was doing other things that I wanted to do. [It takes a long time] in order to do the things we did — and [those things] change the way a host was working on the show. We started doing the medley with Mark [Shaiman], and then those got really funny. Then we entered the films, you know, cutting into the nominated movies, and that started taking a really long time. I was working four or five months just on the Oscars.”

Everyone keeps falling in love with the producers of The Bachelor! So don’t be surprised when The Bachelor: Producers becomes a thing:

“There is a girl this season that falls for one of the producers on the show, and asks to leave. At the time of the incident, when she informed the crew that she had fallen for the producer, somehow she ended up staying another week. Don’t know what was said, I wasn’t there. I just know that in the city that she came forward with her admission, she wasn’t eliminated in that city. So somehow they convinced her to stick around. Eventually she was eliminated.”
  • Whoa. So, uh, Mel Gibson may have impregnated a reality TV star:
  • Star Magazine is reporting that Laura Bellizzi, who starred on Secrets Of Aspen last year is telling friends that Mel Gibson got her pregnant. Apparently the two did date during the summer. Mel’s people say it is a physical impossibility which I guess means he had a little snip snip? The timing would be right, but you would think Mel would try and stop having kids and unprotected sex considering all the porn stars. Mel already has 8 kids and Laura Bellizzi has two. I never watched the show Secrets Of Aspen, so have no idea what this woman is like.
  • Remember Jonathan Lipnicki (aka that annoying little kid from Jerry Maguire)? Well, he’s 21 now and he’s been working out. A lot. I don’t know that I can handle this photo. [US]
  • Can we all yell loud enough so that the reboot trend stops? Please? Anyway, they’re doing a reboot of Clue, a movie I absolutely love, and this time it’s with a group of teens because who cares anymore? [AOL]
  • Taylor Swift won Entertainer Of The Year at the Country Music Awards and wrote her acceptance speech notes all over her arm. [CrazyDaysAndNights]
  • Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen both grace the cover of Vogue‘s Best Dressed Special Edition. Apparently they both won…and so did a bunch of other stylish siblings. Shared gifts for all! [JustJared]
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