'Birth Control on the Bottom Yogurt' Combines Our Two Favorite Woman-Things into One Bowel-Flushing Womb Snack!


If there’s one thing I know as a modern diverse lady-woman, it’s that if there’s one thing diverse groups of modern female ladies like better than not getting baby-pregnant, it’s bowel regularity! Lucky for both of our bottom-holes, now there’s Dannon’s Birth Control on the Bottom Yogurt.

It seemed like maybe Women Laughing Alone with Salad and Sarah Haskins’ genius Target Women: Yogurt had cornered the market on lady-marketing meta-commentary, but this shit (with bonus Retta!) really got me. In related news, Megan Amram is a national treasure (book of secrets) and if all y’all aren’t SWF-ing on her hard then you are doing reading wrong.

Birth Control on the Bottom [Yahoo!]

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