Bodybuilders Think This Dude Is Too Ugly to Get Hot Girls


As you have no doubt learned over the years, it’s not okay to not be conventionally attractive and still manage to pull tail. That’s what young squire Christopher Scott learned when a user named DarezHonda/OptimusPrim3 he was not even friends with on Facebook took issue with the many photos Scott had posted of himself enjoying the company of women.

Brought to our attention by our friends at Kotaku, it all began with a simple comment from a man just minding his own business:

Then DarezHonda/OptimusPrim3 wrote “and I was like okay.jpg, so I keep digging” adding photos and commentary like this:

Many of DerezHonda/OptimusPrim3’s bodybuilding friends joined in on the action, responding by posting incredulous reaction gifs and statements about how Scott must be gay and how on earth could he have had a girlfriend, let alone one as hot as any of the women in his photos:

what the actual phuck?

He must be gay… and then the girls are like “OMG I CAN KISS A GAY GUY AND IT’S OK BECAUSE HE’S GAY LOLOLOL”

Since DarezHonda/OptimusPrim3’s post went up Wednesday, Scott changed his Facebook status to “I don’t know why people gotta hate.” DarezHonda/OptimusPrim3, meanwhile, has since written angrily that Scott’s identity has been compromised — nevermind that this is largely because his own post on Scott gained popularity on Reddit.

But DarezHonda/OptimusPrim3 says that he only put the photos up as motivation for guys on the forum:

Can we please refrain from linking FB profiles? We’re not 4chan and he has a good thing going for him, no need to intrude his personal life. I don’t want to delete this thread.
Redditors need to stop taking miscers so seriously and miscers need to stop taking redditors so seriously. The fact of the matter is I made this thread to show FA’s that if this kid isn’t a kissless virgin, wtf are they doing crying on a bodybuilding forum and not bettering themselves in the real world. Because I’m sick and tired of seeing beta posts 24/7 on this board. That’s all. And yes I did omit info in the beginning to rustle, because I had suspicions that he was bi (that doesn’t mean he still can’t get girls however), and my point still stands. This kid is living life not giving a f*ck about aesthetics and having fun. While here we all are, just sitting here masturbating.
Here comes the negs.

He also added that, “Guys need to realize that looks aren’t everything when it comes to attracting girls…especially when it comes to committed relationships”:

One night stands with different sloots helps if you’re aesthetic. But even that isn’t the end all be all. Charisma, confidence, and a great personality will get you far in almost every department in life.”

The problem is that DarezHonda/OptimusPrim3 isn’t so sure that “looks aren’t everything.” Less than a year ago, he wrote another one of these posts commenting on photos he’d pulled from Facebook. That time it was about a woman and he wrote “OH LAWD (Major Erection).”

His defensiveness now after all the attention makes sense; it’s easy to blame this as getting out of hand because of all the trolls on the internet. But it was out of hand before they got into it; many others on the forum expressed astonishment and amazement that someone without their presumed ideal of attractiveness could be getting what they want (women). Their dream look is a currency with which to buy sex from attractive women. Just look at DarezHonda/OptimusPrim3’s “motivation” for bodybuilding in the first place:

The wimminz, just kidding, but seriously…

We could blame the popularity of posts like this on the horribleness of people. But it’s really their insecurity that’s fueling this kind of stuff, not some innate “bad human” gene. It’s not that the internet is full of gross randos who don’t care about anything. It’s that they care way, way too much about the wrong things and then get upset when they’re revealed to the world for who they truly are: totally and completely insecure.

Images via Facebook

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