Botched Season 2 Trailer Promises More Awful Plastic Surgery Screw-Ups

“I’m literally dying for a nose job. Who wants to look natural?” says a person in the trailer for the second season of Botched. The E! show that spotlights society’s obsession with cosmetic enhancement is returning in 2015, which means more crooked breasts, nose jobs and questionable out-of-country plastic surgery nightmares.

This season’s cast of caricatures chasing the elusive idea of perfection include a self-professed “glamour doll” who waist-trains and another woman who traveled to Tijuana to get “the look of Angelina Jolie.”

As someone who watches this show in a constant state of awe and bewilderment, occasionally screaming out “Holy shit!” I’m curious to see how Dr. Fix-Its Dr. Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow will change these peoples’ lives. How can they possibly fix this?

Jose Canseco and former Flavor of Love contestant Tiffany “New York” Pollard also make cameos. The reunion for season one, which featured a woman with a uniboob and a Justin Bieber wannabe, airs on Sunday, Oct. 26.

You can watch the entire Season 2 trailer below.

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