Bouquet Toss: Yea Or Nay?

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Ah, the bouquet toss. The ritual gathering up of single women to be pelted with greenery and floral wire. This is a thing we do! To our friends! It is … not without its problems, to put it mildly.

So, let’s start with the basics, in the form of a poll.

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However, there’s an ulterior motive at play here, I don’t mind telling you. A bride-to-be emailed me recently asking if we could devote a PTQ to the subject of bouquet toss alternatives. So let’s help a gal out — if you did a variation on the traditional bouquet toss, how did you adapt it to be less grim and insulting for everyone involved? Sure, “just don’t” is an option but sometimes, as is the case with the woman who emailed me, the bouquet toss is something that a loved one feels strongly enough about that the particular battle is one that’s easier left unpicked. Most of us have probably been there, and we can be understanding of that.

I’ll round up all your creative twists on the bouquet toss and, come Thursday, we’ll marvel at how smart you are when it comes to making insulting traditions into ones we can all feel good about.

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