Brad and Angelina Might Rent an Entire Cruise Ship for Their Wedding

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Ooh! Ooh! Planning update for America’s Royal Wedding! (In France they call it a wedding with cheese.) Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie mentioned that they’re considering holding their storybook Brangelinian nuptials aboard the Hebridean Princess, which would set them back a cool half-mill. But it’s clearly worth it, because ship was once chartered by Queen Elizabeth II herself for her 80th-birthday tour of the Scottish isles. And you know what that means: THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND POOPED IN THIS BOAT, Y’ALL.

Why get married on your $55 million France estate when you can get married aboard a tony ship sailing the seas off Scotland? The Sun reports that may indeed be Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s latest plan: The Hebridean Princess, which has been chartered by the Queen herself (or as the Sun puts it, “THE QUEEN”), holds 50 people and would, of course, offer total privacy, a source explains. Apparently the floating wedding idea was son Maddox’s idea; he spotted the ship “after looking back at photos of the Carnell Estate in Ayrshire, where they stayed and all loved,” a favorite pastime of any 11-year-old.
Brad and Angie are looking into booking the ship, which would set them back more than $450,000. “They could always sail to a secluded bay off the Orkney or Shetland islands and have the ceremony there,” the source hypothesizes. “The kids are all hooked on old British voyages, so they would love it. The fact that Maddox found it makes it more special.”

“Also,” added the source, “The Queen of England pooped in that boat, y’all.” [Newser]

Mama June says that fame and money haven’t changed their family dynamic one bit.

“A lot of the money for the girls is in trust funds equally,” Shannon said of Anna (“Chickadee”), Jessica (“Chubbs”), Lauryn (“Pumpkin”) and Alana (“Honey Boo Boo”). Adding that her granddaughter Kaitlyn is also being taken care of financially, Shannon said, “They get it when they reach a certain age. The only thing that we’ve really splurged on is we bought three new four-wheelers — and they’ve been used four-wheelers at that.”
…”I don’t know if Alana is done with pageants or not,” she admitted. “She is like any other girl — they get interested in this and that. . . She’s just adventuring out into other things.”

Mama June is fucking smart and based on all available evidence she’s a fucking awesome mom. Haters, left, etc. [Us]

Rumors that Cory Monteith died from some sort of deadly tainted heroin are false, according to the BC coroners office.

A police dept. 40 miles from Vancouver had issued a release warning a “toxic’ mixture of heroin and fentanyl has caused a spike in heroin ODs.
The coroner who did the autopsy on Cory tells TMZ … NO FENTANYL was found in Cory’s system.
We’re hearing the likely scenario is that Cory had not used heroin since entering rehab in April, and he may have gone back to the same dose he had learned to tolerate when he was using, but because his body was clean it couldn’t handle the shock.

Gut-punch. [TMZ]

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