Breaking: Blake Lively's Baby Has a Hand!


Yes, it’s true! Today is a huge day for everyone in the Lively/Reynolds household. Not only has Ryan Reynolds joined Instagram (here’s hoping he’ll just post pictures of this Entertainment Weekly cover over and over), but one of his first posts also features what’s presumably his child’s hand. This, friends, is the first clear sign that Blake Lively has given birth to a healthy human child and not a blood-sucking demon from the sarlac-ridden pits of hell (Blair Waldorf). We can all breathe just a little easier now.

The caption on the photo, in true hilarious Reynolds style, reads “thumb wrestling isn’t always fair. Curiously, my hand is the small one,” which confused me for about five minutes until Kate Dries explained that no, it’s not Blake Lively’s tiny hand (although, have we ever seen her hands?) but the minuscule appendage of (female) baby James Reynolds. Someone else had to explain to me that in these photos the baby was under Lively’s clothes and not, as I suspected, being carted around in a pillowcase. Which is good, because pillow cases, like corners, are no place for babies.

Congratulations to both Lively and Reynolds on their adorably-handed baby and their addition to their social media empire. Perhaps soon Ryan Reynolds can write a guest piece for preserve, which will hopefully just be more pictures of his EW cover. Have you seen it?

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