Breaking: Captain Crunch Beats Deez Nuts in New Poll


Deez Nuts once had more support than the majority of the Republican party (at least in North Carolina). But according to a new poll, Deez Nuts isn’t the new, fresh, hilarious prank it once was—in fact, not by a long shot. Now, it is an old prank. An old, withered, hairless prank.

The poll, taken by liberal-leaning Public Policy Polling, measured the support of federally filed joke candidates (or are they more serious than anyone? think about that) and found that Captain Crunch has a solid lead at 17 percent, followed by good old Deez Nuts at nine percent.

The Hill reports:

Just inches from Deez Nuts is Butt Stuff (3 percent).
Queen Elsa Ice (4 percent) and Beast Mode (5 percent) come even closer. Then there are Cranky Pants at 2 percent, and Limberbutt McCubbins and ‘Murican Cookies (each at 1 percent).

In a statement, PPP’s Tom Jensen said, “Polling joke candidates has been fun, but we’re going to take a break now and stick to serious people like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Kanye.”

By the way, here is a picture of Deez Nuts from an interview with KEYC:

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