Bret Michaels Picks His "Rock Of Love"

On last night’s finale, Bret picked the girl he’s going to pretend to date for a little bit. He presented her with an engagement ring, and then said he was gonna “hang on to it.”

In this clip, he lets Mindy down softly, and she put it pretty succinctly when she said, “Spare me.”

Given how this season started out — with women taking shots out of each other’s vaginas — last night’s episode was kinda what I imagine sex with Bret is like for most of these girls: Anticlimactic. Having eliminated all the drunken partiers a few episodes back, ROL Bus has been running on (hair spray) fumes in its final weeks. At least we have the reunion show to look forward to, but more importantly, we’ll be seeing these ladies again on Charm School with Ricki Lake.

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