Briana Marela's 'Take Care of Me' Is a Cheerful Arctic Lullaby


Briana Marela is a newcomer to the atmospheric pop landscape, but she’s clearly nailed down the most important rule of the game: record your album in Iceland.

Her forthcoming debut, All Around Us, was produced in Reykjavic by Alex Somers of Sigur Ros; her second single, “Take Care of Me,” jumps into that tradition of rich, buoyant sound layering, brimming with snags and twirls and happy anticipation. Marela’s voice, which has an ageless, unassuming quality similar to Grimes, is steady and emotionless—like a friendly subarctic sea nymph, just sayin’ hey.

If you’re into the sound, her first single, “Surrender,” is equally lovely, perfectly paired to its low-key trippy video.

All Around Us is out August 21st via Jagjaguwar.

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