Brittany & Casey's Causes Of Death Revealed; Samantha Throws Lindsay-Like Fit

  • The L.A. Coroner’s office released a preliminary report today declaring that Brittany Murphy‘s death was accidental. She died of a combination of pneumonia, anemia, and “multiple drug intoxication.”

The drugs found in her system were a mixture of prescription and over-the-counter medicines, and none were illegal. The full autopsy report will be released in about two weeks. [Reuters]

  • Sources involved in Brittany Murphy‘s autopsy say her death was preventable, but no one took her to the hospital in time. The drugs “pushed her over the line,” but the real problem was that she self-medicated rather than having a doctor treat her pneumonia and anemia. [TMZ]
  • The L.A. County coroner also revealed today that Casey Johnson died of diabetic ketoacidosis, a complication of untreated diabetes. [CNN]
  • Sources at the coroner’s office say their findings show Casey Johnson was not taking insulin, exercising, following her diet, or taking the medications she needed. [TMZ]
  • Of course, Tila Tequila has already weighed in: “I always knew she died of natural causes while others kept insinuating that she died of drug problems and kept airing it dirty secrets from her past,” she said. [Radar]
  • Tila Tequila created a new Twitter account today after deleting her old one on Tuesday. She Tweeted: “Damn Twitter was fucking BORING without me huh? I would be bored as hell if I were U and I wasn’t on twitter anymore! … Did ya;ll miss me?” Uh, no. [Radar]
  • Samantha Ronson threw a fit at a Hollywood club last night. “She was acting pretty bizarrely and erratically. She was barely coherent and she was stumbling when she walked,” said a source. Sam made her way to the DJ booth and took over. “The guy was in the middle of something and Sam just walked up and started setting up her laptop. I don’t know exactly what she said to him, but it was something dismissive like ‘I got this now,'” the source continued. When managers asked her to leave she cried, cursed, and took the club’s audio cables so they couldn’t play music the rest of the night. [Radar]
  • Lawyers for Michael Jackson‘s estate filed legal papers to prevent Joe Jackson from getting Michael’s medical records. Joe wants the records so he can file a wrongful death suit. [TMZ]
  • The CEO of Taylor Swift‘s record label defended her mediocre duet with Stevie Nicks at the Grammys saying, “This is not American Idol. This is not a competition of getting up and seeing who can sing the highest note… This is about a true artist and writer and communicator. It’s not about that technically perfect performance.” [Us]
  • Kelly Clarkson responded on her blog, “Thank you for that ‘Captain Obvious’ sense of humor because you know what, we not only hit the high notes, you forgot to mention we generally hit the ‘right’ notes as well.” She signed her post “One of those contestants from American Idol who only made it because of her high notes.” [Rolling Stone]
  • An “insider” says Jennifer Aniston was left “really messed up and heartbroken” by John Mayer. “She wants to be set up with a wealthy businessman, not a celebrity.” Either way, what’s important is that he’s rich, apparently. [Us]
  • Mel Gibson admits that he muttered “asshole” during an interview with an entertainment reporter, but he says he was actually talking to his publicist, who was making faces at him off camera. In an interview yesterday on a French TV show, a reporter asked if he had, “French curse words for French journalists.” He said no, “It usually comes out in English if I’m angry. I have a short fuse. I’m trying to work on it.” [Us]
  • Kevin Federline says that when he first saw pictures of himself weighing 240 pounds last year, “I did not think I was this big. I thought it was Photoshopped, you know? And then I realized that I was just letting myself go.” [Us]
  • Carrie Underwood will play a church youth leader in Soul Surfer a movie about teen surfing champ and shark attack survivor Bethany Hamilton. [Variety]
  • Mo’Nique will host the Showtime special “Shaquille O’Neal Presents: All-Star Comedy Jam.” [Variety]
  • Last year in an episode of the Tyler Perry show Meet The Browns, several characters said “The Devil thought he had me, but I got away.” Now Perry is being sued by gospel songwriter Tyrone Stringfield, who claims the lyrics came from his song “I Got Away.” [TMZ]
  • More high-quality entertainment is coming to you on VH1: The network ordered 11 episodes of the reality show, Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business. [Variety]
  • Eve is mentioned in a U.S. Senate investigation of her on-and-off again boyfriend Teodorin Nguema Obiang. He’s the son of the corrupt dictator who rules Equatorial Guinea and officials believe he illegally moved millions of foreign dollars into the U.S. financial system. [ABC News]
  • Law enforcement source say Charlie Sheen will be charged with felony menacing and misdemeanor assault for allegedly threatening Brooke Mueller on Christmas Day. [TMZ]
  • Brooke Mueller is checking out of a North Carolina rehab center and heading to Aspen for a court date tomorrow. Her lawyer says the fact that she was only there for a week proves it was pneumonia rehab, not drug rehab. [TMZ]
  • Kate Gosselin will return to guest co-host The View in March. [Us]
  • Cybill Shepherd‘s son appeared in court today to face charges that he stole cash, a camera, and other items from passengers’ luggage during a cross-country flight last month. A trial was set for April 20th. [AP]
  • Ellie Kemper of The Office was a student of Jon Hamm‘s when he taught drama at a high school in St. Louis. “All the girls would sign up for his class…for a good reason!” said Ellie. “In addition to being really handsome, he was an excellent teacher.” [E!]
  • Two security guards at L.A. Superior Court may lose their jobs because they posed for a picture with Kristen Stewart while she was serving jury duty, then posted it on the internet. Even though Kristen agreed to be in the picture, court employees are supposed to keep celebrity court appearances confidential. [E!]
  • Congrats to Brothers & Sisters star Sarah Jane Morris, who just had her first baby, a boy named Emmett Andrew Brower. [Us]
  • HBO has ordered a fifth season of Big Love. [UPI]
  • Robin Williams lost his $6 million lawsuit over the movie Cop Out. He claims he was originally hired to star in the movie, which now stars Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan. The judge agreed with the production company, which said Williams never had a contract. [TMZ]
  • 8,500 people have joined a Facebook group campaigning for Betty White to host SNL. [USA Today]
  • Apparently for people in the Mississippi town where Tiger Woods is allegedly going to sex rehab, Tiger is like Santa because, “No one has actually seen him, but still, people have blind faith that he’s there.” [People]
  • Days of Our Lives star Frances Reid died yesterday in Los Angeles. She was 95. [AP]
  • Camila Alves says of her new daughter with Matthew McConaughey, “I’m very excited to have a girl… I’m happy and it’s a big blessing. Vida’s definitely a beautiful and peaceful girl. We are so lucky!” [People]
  • Nicole Richie and Khloe Kardashian, who were friends when they were little, had a fake fight on Twitter today and Nicole Tweeted to Khloe, “Youve hated me since we were 7.” [Us]
  • Bruce Jenner said of Kourtney Kardashian becoming a mother, “You know, Kourtney has always been kind of a free agent — she does what she wants to do. She’s gone from being a young person with very few responsibilities to an adult, with some major responsibilities, and she’s really growing up.” [Us]
  • Bruce Jenner says he’s putting pressure on Kim Kardashian‘s boyfriend Reggie Bush to help the New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl. “I told him, ‘Our family already has one Olympic gold medal and one NBA ring, so if you want in, it’s going to cost you a Super Bowl ring or maybe even an MVP at the Super Bowl!'” [Us]
  • Jamie Foxx says that while filming Valentine’s Day, Jessica Biel and Jennifer Garner “Were doing stuff off-screen that reminded me of Laverne and Shirley. I think they’re the new Laverne and Shirley. They had some energy, and I mentioned that to Garry Marshall.” [New York Magazine]
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