Bro-Tastic Colorado Health Insurance Ads Offer Brosurance


While the nationwide Obamacare website continues to be plagued by problems, in Colorado, things are “running smoothly,” according to the local CBS affiliate in Denver. That’s because Colorado has its own health exchange online. But, uh, have you seen the ads for this thing?

As reported by CBS Denver:

Two years ago the state Legislature passed a law setting up Connect for Health Colorado so state residents wouldn’t have to rely on the federal government.
If you are shopping for health insurance in Colorado it’s advisable not to go to the federal website.

The site in question,, has large type and big buttons and looks easy enough to use. But then there are the weird “share” ads. Some of them are Coloradans doing Coloradoey things, like climbing and kayaking. But then: There are the dudebros doing dudebro things. The copy on one ad reads, “Yo, Mom, do I got insurance?” Another features Rob, Zach and Sam, “bros for life.” Zach is doing a kegstand.

Brosurance! BROSURANCE. The ladies get in on the fun, but only a little. One is called “mama of the year.” Another is “about to pop.”

It would be easy to complain that there are no frolicking sluts to go with these bros — only moms (post-sluts?) — but since the Colorado site is actually working and the ads — This ad campaign — (paid for by the taxpayers of Colorado) by @ThanksObamacare, a project of 2 non-profit orgs @COHealthAccess & @ProgressNowCO —not taxpayer funded, is clearly a lighthearted attempt to draw attention to affordable care, fuck it. Hook us up with some Brosurance.

[GotInsuranceColorado, CBS]

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