Brody Jenner is "Kicking Off His DJ Residency"


Today is the day where the news vortex swirls round and round, eating us all alive until there’s nothing left to write other than the Instagram accounts of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. So here’s some more news on them: Brody Jenner shared this Blurred Lines-inspired Instagram picture to promote his upcoming “DJ residency” in Vegas.

Apparently Jenner’s going to be a DJ in Vegas with his buddy Will “J. Dubb” Smith. If you’re ready to “get loose with the boys,” then take off your pants and hop to it, ladies!

There are so many questions: Is everyone a DJ now? Why is Brody Jenner kinda famous? What kind of tracks does DJ Brody Jenner spin? Is his DJ name Brody Jenner? Is he both irresistible and totally frustrating? Did you know that he used to date Avril Lavigne? Isn’t that a weird couple?

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