Bullied Teen Gives Tormentors Allegedly Semen-Laced Cupcakes


We all enjoy a story of an underdog overcoming some bullies, but a California teen has taken bully prank-revenge to the next level. The high school sophomore girl brought in seemingly innocuous cupcakes she baked herself and passed them out to her bullies. But her peers soon realized something was up because the cupcakes were so disgusting, many of them just spat it out. When asked what she put in the baked goods, she told them she added nature’s secret ingredients: semen, pubic hair, and other bodily fluids including fecal matter. You can imagine how that went over.

Police were promptly called to the school and although they evidence was “destroyed” before they arrived, they ruled that the whole thing was nothing more than a good ol’ fashioned high school prank. Turns out the girl lovingly made the cupcakes not with bodily secretions, but rather with gross ingredients like mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, and soy sauce. Still very gross. Like really gross. But not E. coli biohazard gross.

Despite this, apparently the thought of consuming a semen and poop cupcake was enough to keep one poor soul home with intense abdominal cramps and vomiting. The whole affair has been ruled a hoax but it appears that investigations are ongoing. Whew, not sure I could formally condone this, but it is pretty sadistically brilliant.

Image via Getty.

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