Burn Your MFA: The 300 Sandwiches Lady Has A Book Deal


Stephanie Smith, the lady who sandwiched her way onto the internet’s STFU list with her blogged quest to make 300 sandwiches so her boyfriend would give her an engagement ring, has landed a book deal thanks to a publishing house imprint headed by two dudes who used to work in men’s magazines. You guys, I’m beginning to think the book deal — not the engagement ring — was the goal all along!

According to the New York Post, 300 $andwiches: I Wa$n’t Going For A Book Deal Thi$ Whole Time I $wear will be released by an imprint of Random House that’s headed by a couple of guys who used to work for Men’s Health magazine.

“Steve and I are both longtime friends of Stephanie from her days covering the magazine business for Women’s Wear Daily,” said Zinczenko, a longtime editor-in-chief of Men’s Health and now consulting for Men’s Fitness through his Galvanized Brands consulting firm.
“So when she told us about her romantic, passionate, and very funny quest to make her boyfriend 300 sandwiches, our first reaction was, “That’s a book.”

Flying a little fast and loose with the word “funny,” guys.

The Post’s update on Smith (who, by the way, works for the Post) mentions that she’s made 197 sandwiches so far, which means she’s just slightly over 100 sandwiches away from getting engaged to a guy who demanded she make 300 sandwiches in exchange for an engagement ring. How much do you want to bet that the 300th sandwich and ensuing sparkly hand bauble will be somehow coordinated to go along with the book’s release? Which will also be somehow coordinated to go along with several meetings Smith will try to make with showbiz people? 300 Sandwiches: The Show. Barf sandwich.

Anyway, the lesson here, ladies, is that if you ever want to make a name for yourself in the publishing world, just do something really retro and Stepford-y (i.e. write a whole blog about literally making sandwiches for your boyfriend with the tagline “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and then throw in a gross wedding-hungry aspect and then defend it by saying it’s sAtIrE) and wait for some bros to discover it and high five you with money. And guys, if you want your girlfriend to break up with you, buy her this book.


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