Buxom Animated Tooth Fairies Strut Their Stuff for Your Kids' Cash


Not content to let the Tooth Fairy live a life without product placement, the Real Tooth Fairies has decided to finally monetize the hardworking pixie. What’s that sound, you ask? Oh, that’s just the Easter Bunny and Santa locked in a closet, dancing while Rich Uncle Pennybags laughs and blows cigar smoke in their faces. If they could speak without infringing on a copyright, they’d say “Run, Tooth Fairy, run!”

The Real Tooth Fairies (not to be confused with those jankity-ass rip-offs who visited you as a child) provide an “immersive” Tooth Fairy experience. Uh, like to completion? This whole thing is so creepy. Of course, if you want, you and your toothless child can jump into an entire world full of licensed products available for purchase.

As Bitch points out:

To fully enjoy trading a tooth for money, your daughter will require a special treasure chest, outfit, purse, and book set!

It’s a steal to give your child everything you never had — right, parents? RIGHT??

Oh, but what about boys? If we’ve learned anything, it’s that they couldn’t possibly want to look up to a bunch of gross girls. Yuck! Don’t worry, they’ve got this badass posse to pal around with:

[Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood via Bitch]

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