Buy Wendy Davis' Pink Abortion Filibuster Sneakers


Very uncool: running a story about ultimate fearless champion Wendy Davis that leads with her “petite” demeanor in “pink running shoes.” Very cool: those pink running shoes.

In NYT #sb5 story, Wendy Davis not mentioned by name until paragraph 17. Until then she’s “petite” in “pink sneakers”
— John Matson (@jmtsn) June 26, 2013

The New York Times already deleted its patronizing (and unsurprising) “cute ‘lil politician did something last night” lede —They can do that? — but we’ll admit that the sneakers themselves are pretty fly. Or maybe we just want to emulate Wendy Davis by whatever means possible. Either way, you can buy pink Mizuno Wave Rider sneakers here.

Image via AP.

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