Caitlyn Jenner Doesn't Deserve ESPY, Says Woman Involved In Fatal Crash

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The fatal car accident Caitlyn Jenner was involved in this February should have prevented her from winning the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at last night’s ESPY Awards, says Jessica Steindorff, a talent manager who was also involved in the accident.

In a statement to ET, Steindorff said:

“I find it difficult to understand how the culture we live in can honor a person who is responsible for taking a life and injuring several others with both an award and a reality show…For an individual who is such a positive role model in many aspects of her life, Caitlyn has failed to do the right thing and take responsibility for her actions.”

She continued:

“I would hope that someone who seems to greatly value the importance of human existence would be more sensitive to the fact that she ended another person’s life…Sadly we are living in a tabloid society.”

Jenner will likely be cleared of any wrongdoing for the accident.

[Us Weekly]

Johnny Depp is married to a smuggler. Well, a smuggler/actress. In April, smuggler/actress Amber Heard smuggled their two Yorkshire terriers, Boo and Pistol, “into Australia on a private jet” she presumably bought with her dog smuggling money, and the Australian courts aren’t having any of it.

Heard, who was visiting Depp as he filmed the upcoming installment of “Pirates of the Caribbean,” has been charged with two counts of illegal importation and one count of producing a false document. She faces a fine of up to $200,000 or up to 10 years in prison.

What if smuggler/actress Amber Heard goes to an Australian prison for dog smuggling? How often would Johnny visit?

[Page Six]

At last night’s ESPY Awards, Ben Affleck gave a speech about someone who “broke [his] heart a hundred times, if not more.” But he wasn’t getting ready to present Jennifer Garner with the Amy Dunne Award for Achievement in Marriage. He was introducing Derek Jeter.

Affleck continued:

“He broke it again when he retired because he was absolutely one of the very best to ever play the game of baseball. So to you, Derek Jeter, I tip my hat and thank you for every last moment of your incredible career.”

Hey, I have a question. What are the ESPYS?


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