Caitlyn Jenner Trolls Ron DeSantis: ‘Which Bathroom Should I Use?’

Jenner has vocally supported Donald Trump and spoken out against trans women in sports, but she's pissed about DeSantis using her in his "bizarre anti-gay ad."

Caitlyn Jenner Trolls Ron DeSantis: ‘Which Bathroom Should I Use?’
Photo:Steve Granitz, Anna Moneymaker (Getty Images)

Caitlyn Jenner, the frequent Fox News contributor and ironic voice against trans rights, is picking a fight with Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis over his oddly homoerotic anti-LGBTQ ad from June that specifically calls her out. That ad includes a clip of a journalist asking Trump if Jenner would be welcome to use the bathroom of her choosing at his properties, to which the former president replies, “That is correct.” In a Monday night interview with Fox News’ Bret Baier, DeSantis doubled down on defending his widely criticized ad, prompting Jenner to tweet: “Hey @GovRonDeSantis watching your interview on @BretBaier, You’re still defending your bizarre anti-gay ad. Which bathroom should I use?”

Jenner followed up her tweet with a screenshot of an article that confirms she received gender reassignment surgery, though, of course, trans people shouldn’t need to receive surgery to have their gender identity respected.

DeSantis has yet to answer Jenner’s inquiry, but by contrast, she’s only escalated her Twitter war on the floundering Florida governor. In a series of tweets and replies on Monday night and Tuesday morning, she mocked DeSantis for “campaigning on bathrooms” and “still [defending] his weird anti-lgbtq ad;” referred to DeSantis as “Rob” and “DeSanctus,” Trump’s disparaging nicknames for him; and retweeted photos of Trump’s packed stadium vs. an empty DeSantis rally. She’s also shared a number of unflattering articles about DeSantis, including a New York Post article that she captions, “DeSantis campaign produced memes, spreads them through anonymous accounts!,” and a Semafor article about DeSantis’ “downward spiral.”

DeSantis, who’s essentially devoted his political career to making Florida hell for LGBTQ people and youth, deserves all the heat. That goes without saying. But Jenner’s particular focus on him is interesting, considering how vocally she identifies as a “MAGA Republican” and has spoken out against trans women’s participation in sports, among other puzzlingly transphobic comments. To come down on DeSantis for his anti-LGBTQ agenda but not Trump or anyone else makes it pretty clear this is about personal vendettas and settling scores, not revolutionary pro-LGBTQ activism.

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