Cameron Hooks Up With A-Rod; MJ's Doctor Charged With Manslaughter

  • Cameron Diaz was spotted “grinding on” A-Rod at a pre-Super Bowl party in Miami on Saturday night and a source says they “have been totally hooking up.”
  • A partygoer says Cameron was “fun and flirty,” but also tipsy, so lets hope she saw the error of her ways once she sobered up. [OK!]
  • Dr. Conrad Murray was charged with involuntary manslaughter and accused of acting “unlawfully and without malice” in giving Michael Jackson the Propofol that killed him. Several Jackson family members came to the court house after prosecutors made the announcement. [AP]
  • Dr. Conrad Murray pleaded not guilty. If convicted, he could be sentenced to four years in prison. [NYT]
  • Dr. Conrad Murray was released on $75,000 bail. He can still practice medicine, but he cannot be in possession of or prescribe anesthetics. [TMZ]
  • Joe Jackson‘s lawyer said, “This charge is a slap on the wrist. There’s great disappointment here. [Dr. Conrad Murray] should’ve been charged with a higher degree of responsibility. What he did was reckless. It was a disregard for human life.” [People]
  • The full coroner’s report on Michael Jackson has been released, and it makes it clear that the Propofol is what killed him. It also describes in detail what was found in Michael Jackson’s house: tons of prescription meds, a green oxygen tank, medical supplies, a box of catheters, disposable needles, and a closed bottle of urine near the foot of the bed. [TMZ]
  • Charlie Sheen has been charged with felony menacing, misdemeanor third degree assault and misdemeanor criminal mischief for the Christmas incident with Brooke Mueller. Their protective order was relaxed so they can communicate with each other. At the end of the hearing, Brooke and Charlie hugged. [TMZ]
  • Gary Coleman pleaded guilty today to a misdemeanor criminal mischief charge related to a domestic violence incident last April with his wife. He was sentenced to 31 and a half days in jail, but he’ll only serve the time if he doesn’t complete a domestic violence course and pay a fine. [AP]
  • Lindsay Lohan posted a picture of her unusually puffy lips on Twitter to prove that she hasn’t had lip injections. “See! my lips are just as they’ve always been 🙂 lol-it’s nuts that i feel the need to give proof! what is this world coming to!!” she wrote. Linds also denied she has an injection scar writing, “Why are all of my friends asking me if I have a cut on my lip? Lol coz I don’t,” even though it is visible in the picture. [Us]
  • In the new issue of U.K. Cosmopolitan, Jessica Alba denies the rumor that her husband Cash Warren was making out with Lindsay Lohan. “Lindsay’s had to deal with this for so long,” says Alba. “Everyone has to live their life, and that’s what people forget when you’re in this business – she’s really nice. We hang out and chat for hours about girl stuff.” [People]
  • Megan Fox used a stunt hand for her Super Bowl commercial. Apparently Motorola didn’t want to show someone with short thumbs operating the Blur smart phone. [ONTD]
  • Drew Barrymore got into a fender-bender today with a paparazzo. He rear-ended her car as she was leaving a salon. She screamed at him, then exchanged insurance information. [Radar]
  • Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds are selling their Hollywood Hills mansion. Scarlett paid $7 million for the home in 2007, but they’re asking $4.95 million. [Radar]
  • People are angry at Katy Perry for posting a picture of 17-year-old singer Sky Ferreira on Twitter with her legs apart and writing, “I like em right before they’re famous… Fresh meat.” [Daily Express]
  • Mischa Barton reportedly showed up to a L.A. store looking disheveled and started chatting with a friend in an aisle. When others shoppers said “excuse me” and tried to get by she just rolled her eyes and refused to move. [E!]
  • Britney Spears was “rushed to a Los Angeles area hospital” today, but her rep says she was just getting her annual physical. [Radar]
  • Even though Kevin Federline says his marriage to Britney Spears made him depressed and fueled his overeating, making him “borderline obese,” he do it all over again. “Anything is possible,” said K-Fed. “Would I get married again? Definitely.” [People]
  • David Arquette said he and Courteney Cox, who underwent IVF to have their daughter Coco, are thinking about having another child. “I don’t know. I mean, it takes a lot for us to do it, so maybe adoption,” said Arquette. “Listen, I like practicing as much as possible! But it’s hard… I’m exhausted!” [Us]
  • Donald Trump has spent several weekends alone at his Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, but he says that doesn’t mean his wife Melania has kicked him out. “This is so ridiculous,” said Trump. “There was a report in the Palm Beach Daily News that Melania and I are having problems, and it is 100-percent false, as I told them.” He says Melania can’t come down to Palm Beach because their 5-year-old son is in school. [People]
  • As mentioned earlier, Star is reporting that Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon split because he was having an affair with Meg Ryan. [Perez]
  • BREAKING: Paris Hilton was spotted reading Bridal Guide magazine. [The Sun]
  • Snooki‘s new boyfriend Emilio Antonio posted pictures of her on his Facebook page. Are you surprised that he’s tan and built? [Perez]
  • “Industry Insiders” believe Conan O’Brien may start negotiating a deal with Fox with “a matter of days or weeks” because the network wants to get his new show on the air by January. [The Wrap]
  • Ugh. Today Howard Stern confirmed the rumor that he may leave radio to replace Simon Cowell on American Idol. “There’s not a better job on the planet than judging that fucking karaoke contest,” Stern said. “It might be possible, we’ll see… They’d have to pay me a ton of dough because I already make a ton of dough.” [The Wrap]
  • Kendra Wilkinson was photographed holding her son and crying after her husband Hank Baskett (and the Colts) lost the Super Bowl. [Us]
  • Unsolicited Uterus Update: Rachel Bilson is not pregnant. [Us]
  • Heather Mills is working on a new reality show in which celebrities will live with a disability for a week. “We might put celebrities in that position and see how they cope – if it’s Gordan Ramsay, shove him in a kitchen and see if he can cook for the restaurant if he’s blind folded, and have him live like that for a week,” she said. [The Mirror]
  • Kate Gosselin and her hair extensions are releasing a new book called I Just Want You to Know: Letters to My Kids on Love, Faith and Family on April 13. [People]
  • Alex Reid is trying to annul his Vegas wedding to Katie Price. A friend says he didn’t know he was flying to Vegas to get married and, “I am told he had a few beforehand, which could have clouded his thoughts.” [Digital Spy]
  • Andrew McCarthy went to Ethiopia to report for the travel magazine Afar, and wound up being escorted at gunpoint out of a historic underground church because he didn’t have documentation. He was shaken, but unharmed. [People]
  • Mickey Rourke, who is working on the film Passion Play with Megan Fox, says, “(She) is the best young actress I’ve ever worked with. I don’t know if a lot of her films have showcased her acting ability more than, say, being action-oriented, but she really stepped up (to) the plate with this one and was very consistent and professional, beyond her years. At 23, I couldn’t do half of what she’s doing.” [Daily Express]
  • After Sarah Silverman broke up with Jimmy Kimmel in March she started dating for the first time since becoming famous. “It felt a little isolating,” she says. “Part of the fun of meeting someone is having them discover you. You’re doing your little tap dance, like, ‘This is me!’ And then [the person has] all these preconceived notions, things that are partially true and partially not.” [People]
  • Portia de Rossi says she had a hard time working on Ally McBeal because she’s a “staunch feminist.” “It was a very difficult dichotomy to live in,” she says. “Oh, I’m Portia. I’m fresh and new to Hollywood. I just found myself in Ally McBeal. Now I’m in my underwear and sleeping with my boss even though I don’t want to portray women in the workplace that way. All of these things were tearing me apart. Plus – I was gay, did I mention?” [Advocate]
  • Anne Hathaway, whose brother is gay, says, “The whole family converted to Episcopalianism after my elder brother came out. Why should I support an organization that has a limited view of my beloved brother?” She added that she doesn’t feel at home in the Episocopal Church either, “So I’m … nothing [no denomination]. Fuck it, I’m forming. I’m a work in progress.” [Advocate]
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