Can Charli XCX And Her New Song Save Us From Taylor Swift Mania?


England’s funnest export just released a new single called “Gold Coins,” along with a peek at her new Seventeen magazine cover. If she plays her cards right, Charli XCX might give us some much-needed breathing room during these troubling Taylor Swift-drenched times.

XCX’s new big beat, fuzzy-vocal pop song “Gold Coins” falls in line with the party hard vibe on other tracks like “Break The Rules” and “London Queen.” This girl’s knack for a catchy chorus is a bit breathtaking because after one spin, you’ll be trying shake her lyrics from your brain without much success.

In Seventeen, XCX waxes poetic about taking over the world with her forthcoming album Sucker, out on December 15th—and with the rumors that she’s writing for a certain Bajan pop star, I believe her:

“I’m going to build an empire. I’m always writing for someone else. I want to be someone who has her fingerprints all over the pop charts.”

XCX was last seen partying on stage at the European Music Awards like no one was watching. We approve.

Image via Seventeen.

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