Can You Eat Your Way To Choosing The Sex Of Your Baby?


OMG! Eating more veggies while with child can cause women to give birth to girls. How big was this study? Thirty two people? Oh. Never mind.

Women who participated in the Dutch study were told to stick to a specific diet and to attempt to conceive during a specific part of their cycle. Those who chowed on the most green stuff were much more likely to bear girls, which seems a little strange to me, as I was under the impression that the sperm determines a child’s sex, not a lady eating some salad. But then again, I am not a scientist. I don’t know of such things.

I wonder what other old wives’ tales we’ll attempt to legitimize with very tiny studies. Can we possibly get ten people and have five of them step on cracks all the time and five avoid stepping on cracks and document the frequency with which both groups’ mothers break their backs? I’d participate in such a study, but I”m not sure if my circle circle dot dot cootie shot will interfere with the magic of the vegetables.

Eat Greens To Have Girls [Telegraph]

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