Carey Defies Vogue Editrix; Steve Madden, Misunderstood Creative Genius Of Footwear

  • Carey Mulligan isn’t taking Anna Wintour‘s sartorial advice. “Anna said I should wear short for the Oscars. I was like ‘No, that is so not what I had in my head when I was 6!” Once bitten, twice shy. [People]
  • R.J. Cutler, the director of The September Issue, which comes out on DVD today with an extra 90 minutes of unseen footage, isn’t so miserly on the topic of Wintour. In fact, he’s identified four lessons the editor taught him. Including to keep meetings short! Revolutionary. [HuffPo]
  • Perhaps operating on the same principle of scheduling efficiency, Wintour concluded she could only spare three days for Milan Fashion “Week.” And Milan’s fashion week said, Okay! Let us rearrange everything to suit you, and your three days. [Independent]
  • So it’s not a reality show, as had been rumored, but designers, editors, and retailers preparations for this year’s Fashion’s Night Out will indeed be filmed for broadcast by CBS. The date of the happy, boozy event will be September 10, and the show will air a week later. []
  • Kim Kardashian wore a hooded dress with a leather corset of her own design to the launch of her Bebe Kardashian fashion line. Unfortunately, Fendi made that dress. Two seasons ago. Jessica Stam even wore it in the campaign. [CocoPerez]
  • Breaking: At the launch for her perfume SJP:NYC, a blogger came to understand that Sarah Jessica Parker is a woman, kind of like you or me (but with more money.) “I realized that she is just a normal woman, not some otherworldly fashion faun. Everything discussed — her kids, her busy schedule, her job — where [sic] things everyday women talk about.” The actress also believes that Twitter is “changing our attention spans.” This was perceived by the assembled crowd of editors to be wildly insightful. [Fashionista]
  • Sienna and Savannah Miller use Skype to design clothes together when they are separated by great distances. [FWD]
  • A gigantic portrait of Naomi Campbell, etched in leather, was auctioned off at Campbell’s London Fashion for Relief: Haiti benefit. The event raised 1.4 million pounds. [Telegraph]
  • Campbell has been wearing Alexander McQueen almost non-stop since the designer’s death. [Elle UK]
  • Alexandra Shulman, on McQueen‘s suicide: “I think everybody is really shocked by it. Obviously, not everybody in the fashion community really knew him. Life goes on.” [FWD]
  • David Arquette: has a clothing line called Propr, loves clowns. “I’m obsessed with clowns! I think clowns get a bad name.” Guess we just found that one person. [NYP]
  • Also cashing in on fame is Roisin Murphy. The singer is launching a “limited-edition” sunglasses collab. The shades cost over $500 U.S. [WWD]
  • Agyness Deyn: Now acting in a short art film near you. []
  • John [Galliano] would stand on the runway and tell you a story about who you were. He’d say, ‘You’re a princess and you’ve just escaped from the castle and you’re running away from the wolves,’ and the wolves would be howling on the soundtrack, and he’d send you out, and he’d cry, ‘Run, Kate, Run!'” — Kate Moss on her favorite fashion memory. [Fashionista]
  • If a store sent us a text message when we entered its orbit, we’d be freaked out (and consider changing numbers). Yet the North Face thinks playing Big Brother will lure shoppers. [NYTimes]
  • Here’s another fashion-bloggers trend piece. Did you hear about fashion bloggers yet? They’re these people, who sometimes write about fashion and take pictures of it, only they don’t put their writing and pictures between perfect binding where people buy it at the grocery store — they put it on this thing called the Internet, where other people read it and sometimes comment on it. Some of the bloggers are good at what they do and some of them are kinda sucky. Some of them get invited to sit front row at shows and others don’t. Some designers are suspicious of bloggers as a breed, some designers are just unexamined techno-positivists who say all bloggers are the bee’s knees. Some designers probably think that since the Internet is a system of distribution and therefore content-neutral, it depends on the blogger, but those with such moderate and logical leanings are rarely interviewed for these kinds of stories. Are we up to speed? Okay, just to be sure, we’ll write this article all over again in a newspaper next season. So you can read about it in a blog. [Reuters]
  • And here’s another new vs. old media trend piece! Some people who work in fashion PR in London believe they field too many ticket requests from subpar bloggers. Refusing this inordinate-but-unspecified number of ticket requests must take up a lot of her time! (How many ticket requests they get from subpar magazines is unmentioned.) One anonymous magazine editor gave an internship to a girl still in her teens, and now that girl works at a blog and once got a better seat than the editor at a fashion show. This is Tavi Gevinson‘s fault, right? Just making sure. [ToL]
  • If we were at London Fashion Week, we might nip off to the just-opened Irving Penn show at the National Portrait Gallery, if only to escape from the tedious trumped-up wholly constructed narrative above. [Telegraph]
  • Meanwhile, readers continue to migrate to the Internet, and the industry periodically adjusts to reflect reality. For the first time, the Council of Fashion Designers of America included online writers — nobody knows which ones — in the balloting process for its annual awards. [WWD]
  • Claudia Schiffer does not think that “size 0 models” — whatever those are — should be banned from the industry. “No I don’t think so, because I think models have always been thin, ever since I can look back anyway — I’ve never… no I don’t think there has ever a moment where it’s been any different. The most important thing is that they are healthy. There will always be an exception somewhere, within any profession, whether it’s acting or singing. There will always be that one person that is unhealthy and doesn’t eat anything and God knows what else they do. I mean, you should be able to spot that, if you are a company or a designer you should be able to say this one particular person is not healthy and maybe we shouldn’t use her. But in general I think, you can be thin and be healthy, you can be bigger and be healthy as well, you know. It just depends.” People: they’re so different from one another, you know? [Mirror]
  • London’s Royal College of Psychiatrists believes that the media plays a significant role in the glamorization of eating disorders — and would like to see a watermarked symbol added to aggressively Photoshopped photographs to subtly remind the public that they reflect a highly manipulated vision of reality. [BBC]
  • “We design shoes every day, and we are as creative as Prada. We are creating as much as the Pradas and the Chloés of the world. Do we make $900 shoes that are in Neiman Marcus? Have we made shoes just like that, which are less than $100 and have been great? Yes, we have. We’re out there creating and designing every day, making and building a meal for our customers. That creativity is not appreciated, and I would argue that what we do is harder. I could design an $800 shoe line; it’s easy. You use the best materials and you can make beautiful shoes. It’s easier than making great shoes for $90.” — Steve Madden, misunderstood knock-off artist, convicted money-launderer and securities fraudster, and Man Yearning For Legitimacy. [WWD]
  • Despite being a disappointing collection, Sonia Rykiel pour H&M sold out in most of the cities where it launched over the weekend. In London, shoppers even knocked over a mannequin to get at the striped knitwear and accessories. [WWD]
  • Spanish prosecutors have brought a case against Custo Barcelona for allegedly infringing on Warner Brothers’ copyright by using an image of a yellow canary that’s a little bit too much like Tweety. Having not seen the dress in question, we cannot render our expert judgment — but considering LVMH knocked off New Balance‘s classic sneaker, it would be specious to assume that originality of design is the exclusive preserve of high-fashion brands. (Madden, though, he’s a knock-off artist.) [Independent]
  • Zac Posen is designing the interiors of a luxury condominium development on W. 21st St. Chelsea. What is this, 2007? [Independent]
  • J. Crew, as of this May, will start distributing its clothing via the online boutique Net-A-Porter, which ships to over 170 countries. [WWD]
  • Competitor Lands’ End, meanwhile, is adding a lower-priced line, Canvas. [DN]
  • Anna Wintour has been named a member of the American Society of Magazine Editors Hall of Fame. [WWD]
  • Gee, with surefire moneymaking strategies like writing “Fan Club Anna Wintour” on a cheapo tote bag and selling it for $77, how on earth could Urban Outfitters‘ comps always be so bad? [Fashionista]
  • Tyra Banks wants you to audition for Cycle 15 of America’s Next Top Model by sending pictures of yourself to her online, but only if you are over 5’7″, aged between 18 and 27, and have no desire to ever work in the industry beyond the show. [People]
  • In the fourth quarter, sales of Liz Claiborne brands fell. Juicy Couture‘s same-store sales were down 3% on last year, Mexx declined a whopping 22%, and Lucky Brand fell 10%. Kate Spade‘s same-store sales decreased by 5%. This is the company’s ninth consecutive quarter of declining results. [WSJ]
  • Same-store sales at Nordstrom in the same period grew by 6.9%, but the company’s share price still fell during trading because analysts had expected superior results. [TS]
  • Liberty of London‘s collection for Target is the most insanely freaking gorgeous thing we’ve seen in a long time. Dodai wants the bike. I want the china jars. [ApartmentTherapy]
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