Casey Anthony Release Date Pushed Back; Attorney Defends Flipping The Bird


The fine folks in Florida have recalculated the numbers and, lo, Casey Anthony will not leave the clink on July 13; now she’ll be free on July 17. There’s been no explanation as to the miscalculation or new release date — maybe those extra four days are to teach her a lesson!

Meanwhile, Anthony’s attorney, Cheney Mason, explained to TMZ why the defense team retired to a local restaurant after the verdict to make a toast (which in turn made Nancy Grace even more offended than usual). “We have a long-standing tradition; we toast to the Constitution,” he says.

Mason added that while Associate Press photographers caught him flipping the bird, the gesture was intended for,

“a guy from a radio station who has been stalking my team for months … He was yelling at the ladies on my team, ‘Are you on your period?’ and he was also calling them ‘baby killers.’ This guy was outside and pounding on the glass and I flipped the son-of-a-bitch off, and I’ll do it again! … It was an expression of my first amendment right.”

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