Catholic School Dumps Student with Leukemia, Then Tries to Lure Her Back


In a case of, ‘That’s so Catholic Church!’, a Catholic school in Detroit dismissed one of its students—who was sick with leukemia—because of poor attendance. Because she was being treated for leukemia. Now she’s going to public school, and the Catholic school is like, no, hey, you can come back if you want, we were just kidding, and the girl’s mom is like, Ha, that’s hilarious.

Reports AP Online:

Barbara McGrath told The Associated Press St. Joseph Middle School officials informed her that Rose McGrath could return to the Battle Creek school but postponed a meeting to discuss concerns until later this week to allow for “a cooling off period.” Barbara McGrath said that her daughter is attending Lakeview Middle School and that she can’t say whether Rose will return to St. Joseph until she determines if issues can be resolved.

What the heck is a “cooling off period”?

The school wrote in a letter addressed to Rose’s father and provided to the AP by the family that officials worked with her but absences “hampered her academic performance.” It adds that the 12-year-old had attended 32 full days this academic year out of 134 days as of April 13, but Barbara McGrath says that doesn’t include “numerous” partial days.
The school also wrote that it has taken “significant adjustments to our standards” to help Rose, including reducing her workload and paring down assignments and tests.
“Rose’s attendance, coupled with her academic performance, do not qualify her for continued attendance at St. Joseph Middle School,” the letter read. “We know Rose to be an intelligent and thoughtful child, and believe she would be well-suited to enroll in an academic setting more geared to homebound students, perhaps an online program as we have discussed in the past.”

Oy. While the battle continues, Rose’s parents have filed a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights, and are looking at ways to keep Rose academically supported while she explores her options.

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