Cats Evicted From Bush Library Grounds • Miss America In Favor Of A Lesbian Winning Pageant


• A group of feral cats have been left homeless from the construction of the George W. Bush library. Volunteers are transporting the squatting felines to a new site, but it is difficult because “cats don’t like to move.” •

• Ever wondered how Ben & Jerry’s comes up with those amazing ice cream flavors? Turns out, they have people on the payroll like Eric Fredette, who goes by the title “flavor guru.” The delicious-sounding job also sends him to fun places, like Bonnaroo, to do research. • It’s common knowledge that when under pressure, we tend to fight or take flight, but scientists have begun to see gendered differences in our reactions to threats. While men get antisocial when faced with stress, women go the opposite way and “tend and befriend.” They also found that women in stressful situations exhibit increased activity in the area of the brain that enables people to understand the emotions of others. • A former competitive swimmer has filed a lawsuit against USA Swimming and her swim club, saying that they were negligent in protecting her and others from sexual abuse. She is specifically suing Kansas City Dolphins team coach Rob Mirande for inappropriate sexual conduct that began in 2006 and continued for several months. • A former roommate of the student accused of hacking into Sarah Palin’s email account took the stand Tuesday to testify that David Kernell set out to damage Palin because “he didn’t believe in what she wanted to do.” Kernell’s lawyers have argued that he had no criminal intent, and that his actions were just a prank. • Israeli generic drugmaker Teva Pharmaceutical Industries has hinted at plans to start acquiring more women’s health divisions. In 2008, Teva spent $7.4 billion to acquire Barr Pharmaceuticals, which makes Plan B. Reports indicate that they may be eying Bayer, which makes birth control brands Yaz and Yasmin. • “Once again, American Idol is aligning itself with pro-abortion groups. Among the groups benefiting this year’s ‘Idol Gives Back’ fund-raising campaign are Save the Children and the United Nations Foundation,” reports the Christian Newswire. They also go on to call Bill and Melinda gates “rabidly pro-abortion/population control.” • A group of Carmelite nuns are being forced to leave their home in a monastery in a suburb of Liverpool because of recent population growth. The area has become much more urbanized in the past 30 years, and this fact, coupled with the increase in teenagers who “give them a rough time,” has lead the nuns to make the move. They hope to build a new convent in a nearby town. • The reigning Miss America sounds like a winner. Caressa Cameron sat down with a group of reporters on Monday to discuss the future of the pageant. She said she saw no reason not to have a lesbian Miss America; “I don’t think someone’s ethnicity, someone’s religious background, even their sexual orientation has anything to do with their ability to do the job, so I would say yes. It has no bearing on whether they can go to a children’s hospital and visit kids.” It looks like she learned something from Carrie Prejean. • A three-year-old boy was saved recently by his “David Beckham haircut,” according to the Daily Mail. Maddox Tallowin’s parents shaved his hair into a Mohawk, which lead them to discover lumps on the back of his head. Maddox was diagnosed with leukemia and received treatment. His cancer is in remission, but he will need treatment for the next three years. • A group of strippers and former dancers at Rick’s Cabaret have filed a suit to keep their names secret from lawyers seeking clients to join a class-action wage suit against the chain. They want nothing to do with the lawyers or the case. The New York Post snarkily asks: “who knew strippers had anything left to hide?” • Lawmakers in Oklahoma are looking to pass one of the most restrictive anti-abortion bills in the U.S. The law would require all women seeking an abortion to have a vaginal ultrasound and listen to a detailed description of the fetus. It would also allow doctors to withhold test results showing certain defects and require women to answer intrusive questions. • Carla Carey of Foxboro, Massachusetts says that Phoebe Prince’s story enabled her to save her teenage daughter, who, like Prince, was being bullied at school. She checked her daughter into a hospital, where she spent several days being treated for “emotional distress” after she heard her making remarks similar to those uttered by Phoebe in the days before her death. • Despite opposition from religious groups and legal scholars, French lawmakers are going ahead with their plans to ban the burqa. President Nicolas Sarkozy spoke out again today in favor of the bill, which will be presented to the cabinet in May. • The Arizona House voted 31 to 22 to add the so-called “birther bill” to an unrelated Senate bill. If passed, it will “require” Barack Obama to show his birth certificate before he can be put on the ballot in 2012. • The Pill turns 50 this May. How do you plan on celebrating? We suggest a themed party (imagine the drink options!) but the Wall Street Journal has another idea, and has put together a guide to contraceptive options. • Constance McMillen is now suing her school for monetary damages, saying she was publicly humiliated when officials canceled her prom. • George Tiller’s murderer Scott Roeder has filed a petition asking for his release from prison and complaining about his treatment — thinks he maybe should have considered before gunning someone down in church. • A new study has found that women who smoke during pregnancy are less likely to develop a complication called preeclampsia. Smokers are, however, more likely to miscarry or give birth to an underweight baby. •

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