Cats Will Be Eligible for the Golden Globes, But What About Oscars?

Cats Will Be Eligible for the Golden Globes, But What About Oscars?
Screenshot:Amblin Entertainment/Working Title Films

How many awards will the movie Cats win? Well, first, it has to be eligible for them. And it is.

Because of its December 20, 2019 release date, Cats will be available for the Hollywood Foreign Press to screen, hitting the organization’s December 4 deadline for potential Golden Globe nominees. According to Variety, those official nominations will publish December 9, allowing Cats to come in just under the wire. Give Cats a Golden Globe! But also, give Cats the Oscar.

As someone who is still unsure what Cats is about, other than cats, I assume it is an allegory T.S. Eliot wrote with the sole hope that it would one day become a misunderstood musical movie worthy of the Academy Awards. It’s not pretentious, per se, but Oscar bait doesn’t have to be—sometimes, it simply has to make people cry. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t really heard about the cat experience. Not in this much detail, anyway, and certainly not out of Jason Derulo’s mouth.

If The Shape of Water, a horny and sad movie about being horny and sad for a fish can win Best Picture in 2018, surely the Oscars can embrace digital fur technology.

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