Celeb Astrologist Susan Miller Totally Predicted the Gov't Shutdown


Mind-blowing theory alert: Susan Miller, astrologist to the stars, knew today’s government shutdown was imminent.

This Derren Brown video aptly sums up my views on astrology: we all want to believe, and we’re all pretty delusional in the process. But it’s still fun to check your horoscope every once in a while (see: my thoughts on mercury in retrograde) and Susan Miller is uncanny, particularly if you’re into “practical” forecasts about contracts and negotiations and the like. Early last month, I got a little nervous. My forecast for October was DIRE.

“Susan Miller is stressing me out,” I Gchatted my friend on September 5th. “She says I have to do great work now but I can’t wait until October or there will be ‘serious problems with the timing of unveiling anything important’ starting October 1st!”

Her site, AstrologyZone, is currently down — apocalypse is nigh — but multiple friends and colleagues with different signs told me they received a similarly troubling forecast.

PLUS. Check out this tweet from September 24th:

She knew!!

Given her psychic powers, her tweet today seems rather modest:

Miller tweeted apologies about being late with this month’s forecasts; it’s probably because she’s on the phone with Obama right now.

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