Celebs Dress to Burn Retinas at the People's Choice Awards


The 2013 award season was kicked off last night with CBS’ sad stab at democracy The People’s Choice Awards. Sure this was our chance to pick some favorites, but what kind of outfits did the celebrities choose? Well, a lot of eye-scorching neon for one thing.

There were a lot of neon frocks on the red carpet. Chloë Grace Moretz wears a playful, daisy-print, bright yellow mini that reminds me of something Kristy Swanson’s Buffy and her friends would have fought over at the mall. Casey Wilson looks a-mah-zing in cobalt and Paris Hilton unsurprisingly over does it with too much color and pattern.

When you think of how much is going on here — bright colors, a leather peplum and cut-outs — it’s kind of unbelievable that Emma Watson pulls this off as well as she does.

Girlish frocks! Like Emma Watson’s dress, Lea Michele’s hot pink number is flirting with being a little too much, only hers, with the length, lace and sequins, doesn’t walk the line quite as skillfully. Kathryn Newton looks youthful and fun in a blue dress and gold platform sneakers and Shay Mitchell is pretty in tangerine.

Here’s a detailed shot of Lea Michele’s hair. I would have killed for this during 9th grade homecoming and I still like it now.

Fiercely feminine in shades of blush: Ashley Rickards channels the ’20s, Kelly Cuoco is a shoe-in for the ballet academy and Monica Potter is looking a little too busy and childish.

There’s something very Gatsby-meets-Studio 54 about these metallic gowns. Rumer Willis sparkles in sequin stripes, Taylor Spreitler is elegant in flowing silver and Naomi Watts is a little sloppy, but still beautiful in black and gold.

Ellen Pompeo is gorgeously bohemian, Morena Baccarin needs some alterations done on her snowy jumpsuit and Taylor Swift goes from innocent to sultry with the help of a plunging neckline.

Both in black, Jillian Rose Reed looks glam and Mae Whitman looks fresh and funky.

Almost, but not quite: I’ll bet Julianne Hough’s sparkly dress looked fantastic in person, but the camera leaves it looking a little flat. Heidi Klum’s black dress is dull in spite of the tight fit and gold snake-y accents, and Jennifer Lawrence’s Married to the Mob homage falls slightly short of the mark.

These are all fine and/or so-so. Melissa Rauch wears mango, Rachel Leigh Cook wears teal (though I prefer her in something short and red) and Molly Tarlov wears plum. This dress could be pretty, but it’s got some weird spandex shine happening.

Both Olivia Munn and Regina King did white with black lace and neither fully pull it off. Meanwhile, Carrie-Anne Moss is thwarted by shoe choice.

A lot of women were wearing similar variations on the same multi-texture outfit (which I like in theory), but none of them managed to look spectacular. Kristen Kreuk wears pink chiffon with rose-gold sequins, Tracy Spiridakos wears velvet on velvet and Sandra Bullock wears layers of blue satin and black lace with a pinstriped skirt.

One example of how to wear a metallic or high-shine mini and two of how not to. Tempestt Bledsoe (center) looked great while the actress (?) at left — whose name I can’t find, so help me out here — went for a bad color choice and Alison Sweeney (R) chose a dress that was both too tight and showed a little too much skin.

I think a lot of times people think that a jumpsuit, by virtue of being a jumpsuit, is interesting enough as is, but Katie Cassidy’s boring onesie proves this theory wrong. At least add an Elvis cape or something. Meanwhile, Molly C. Quinn looks like a bad Drusilla knock-off and Erin Hayes looks like a flapping mess.

Boystown: Marius (Eddie Redmayne) has recovered from the barricade and is looking sharp, Jesse Williams loses the role of Finnick, but will always have his purple shoes and Chris Colfer is clean and casual.

The Wanted in 50 shades of grey.

Here are some handsome men not at their best. Giancarlo Esposito has a little too much going on, Nathan Fillion (who I love the heck out of) looks like a high school coach on game day and Robert Downey, Jr. has basically become Tony Stark.

Okay, goodbye!

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