Charlie Sheen Explains He Didn't Really Shoot Kelly Preston

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You know how Charlie Sheen allegedly shot then-fiancée Kelly Preston in the arm back in 1990? Well, he claims he didn’t fire the gun. At a recent stop on his Violent Torpedo of Nonsense tour, he explained he was making coffee while he thought she was asleep and, “I heard a fucking gunshot go off. I thought, ‘She did it, she finally fucking did it. She killed herself and they’re going to fucking blame me.” Surely that’s the first thought that runs through anyone’s head when they hear a gunshot coming from where a loved one is sleeping. He continued, “I come around the corner and there’s naked Kelly Preston at the top of the stairs, holding her wrist, staring at me, covered in blood…and I thought, that’s pretty fucking hot … I didn’t. I didn’t … She explained to me when she lifted my pants off the scale in the bathroom … the tiny revolver I used to carry … it fell out of the back jeans pocket and hit the floor and shot a bullet right between her legs … So she got hit with shrapnel from the toilet bowl.” [E!]

A judge tossed Nicollette Sheridan‘s sexual harassment claims, but decided her wrongful termination suit against Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry should go to trial. [The Wrap]

Andy Dick was arrested at a California restaurant last night. Police say he was acting disorderly and was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. [TMZ]

Phil Spector‘s attempt to appeal his murder conviction: Denied. [Rolling Stone]

  • Kristen Wiig is retiring her characters Gilly and one-upper Penelope. Love Wiig, but I must say they’re not my favorites. [EW]
  • Jay-Z and Beyonce were booed at the Met Gala because they skipped press interviews. [E!]
  • You’d better sit down for this one. That Italian apartment where Jersey Shore was reportedly filming is NOT where the kids will be staying. A source says they’re not going to live in an apartment, a house, a hotel, or a church. So mysterious! We’ll keep you updated on any late-breaking developments. [TMZ]
  • Lorenzo Lamas is taking his wife Shawna Craig‘s last name and will henceforth be known as Lorenzo Lamas-Craig. His manager says, “He’s always thinking outside the box so he decided to become the first celeebrity to take his wife’s last name.” [E!]
  • LOL. LL Cool J plays a former Navy SEAL on TV, so he has special insight into what it’s like to kill Osama bin Laden. Except he doesn’t at all. [CBS News]
  • Oprah Tweets reveal she was upset that her interview with the President and First Lady, which aired yesterday, looked dated because she taped it before bin Laden was killed. [E!]
  • Fun fact: Over the weekend Hillary Clinton was wearing the same jacket in the Situation Room that she wore in her SNL appearance with Amy Poehler. [N.Y. Mag]
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