Chelsea's Nuptials Is America's Royal Wedding


More and more details are emerging about Chelsea’s impending nuptials. She’s picked the place (the Astor estate in Rhinebeck, New York) and the rehearsal dinner caterer (Terrapin restaurant). She even purchases some “understated” pillows from a local shop.

Chelsea – or more likely, Chelsea’s wedding planners – also have the goody bags all set up, stuffed with cute local souvenirs. The only thing that’s still up in the air is security. Since the estate where the wedding is being held is just so huge, there are a lot of points of entry where crashers could sneak in. Fortunately, even if they manage to get past security, they won’t be able to catch a glimpse of our current president – Obama does not plan on attending, though he was invited. • All signs point to a Palin presidential run in 2012. She’s got the money, the media coverage, and even the God-stuff that so many Americans love. However, according to Mark McKinnon at The Daily Beast Palin has almost no chance of winning the nomination, much less the oval office. Here’s hoping. • Another possible contender for 2012? Hillary Clinton. And our girl Hils might have a far better chance of challenging Obama than Palin ever could. Furthermore, both Obama’s and Biden’s poll numbers are falling swiftly, while Clinton’s continue to rise. • Female boxers will soon be allowed to enter the Olympic ring. For the first time ever, women will compete in the 2012 Olympics, and female boxers from England are gearing up for the competition. For anyone who criticizes the sport, boxer Natasha Jonas has this to say: “There’s like 152 sports which classify as dangerous. You get more breaks in football than you would in boxing. Boxing is a contact sport, but it doesn’t mean that it’s more dangerous than other sports.” • A report released by American University and the Centro de los Derechos del Migrante calls for the U.S. to change their guest-worker program to better protect Mexican women workers on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Hundreds of women travel to the area each summer to pick crabs, but their living conditions are often deplorable. Many are also not trained for their jobs and are charged fees to participate. • Celebrity shoe endorsements may cause even the most grounded among us to lose our minds and start lusting after a pair of overpriced sandals. Our brain chemistry changes slightly upon viewing celebrity feet, making us more likely to remember the shoes with affection. Fortunately, according to research reported by the BBC, this does not make us any more likely to actually purchase anything. •

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