Chet Hanks Reemerges at Golden Globes With Confounding New Accent

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Chet Hanks Reemerges at Golden Globes With Confounding New Accent

Did you know that last May, Tom Hanks—or somebody also named Tom Hanks in Beverly Hills—donated $1,400 to Joe Biden? Just a useless, random fact that re-surfaced in my brain after Chet Hanks, his son, re-emerged at last night’s Golden Globes celebration with to a new persona in his ever evolving “rap”-adjacent career.

After taking a few years off from peppering his sentences with the n-word or beefing with Howard Stern, Chet shared a video from the Globes’ red carpet where the ghost of Chet Haze had clearly re-possessed him. It the clip, he spoke in a strange approximation of what is supposedly patois, the kind one could probably learn while imitating racist caricatures from bottom-barrel standup sets in Reno, Nevada—or maybe on a cruise line!

I’m confounded at why this video is still available this morning, but anyway—this is Chet’s first splash back into public awareness since he opened up about substance abuse and his sober journey. He also apologized for his frequent use of the n-word after he defended himself for years, but it doesn’t look like the lesson he “learned” lasted that long!

Meanwhile, mom Rita Wilson waded into the mess of Instagram comments underneath to share her reaction to the clip. It was the “best laugh of the night” according to Rita, and I’d love to hear more about what she found so funny. Rita. Call me!


As for Dad Hanks, he took home an honorary trophy for some movies he was supposedly in. Who knows?! In his speech, he opened up about stealing acting bits from former co-workers, a habit Chet frequently fails to imitate. Hanks also drove presenter Charlize Theron to tears in what was, hand down, the best acting job of the night. Watch below! [Page Six]

As I frequently say—Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt beat reporters never sleep! Us Weekly reports that amidst his acceptance speech for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role at the Globes, Brad Pitt was flashed a momentary smile by former flame Jennifer Aniston. Here we go again!

Despite their breakup some 15 years prior, sources tell the outlet that she couldn’t help but smile at a quip he made about his dating life—“I wanted to bring my mom but I couldn’t because any woman I stand next to they say I’m dating. And that would just be awkward.” Us Weekly’s assessment of Aniston’s reeaction: “The cameras focused on The Morning Show star, who smiled.” Later, when Pitt returned to his seat, Aniston “took a few glances” while “wearing her clear glasses.”

Listen, do I believe that Aniston took a few peeks at the man everyone can’t stop linking her to after his rambling speech? Yes. Do I believe that in some alternate dimension, the two are still together? Absolutely! And do I know, in the deepest recesses of my soul, that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt beat reporters are some of the most tireless journalists still working? Without a doubt! But also—who among us wouldn’t have looked? He was giving a speech! Plus, she hadn’t won anything, which left more time for drinking it up with buddy Reese Witherspoon. It isn’t much of a leap to imagine a boozy-Aniston feeling emboldened to “glance” over at him, despite the 300 NBC cameras spinning a slow orbit around her.

Still, the longing look in question is a rather timeless one. Just look at the way her lips form a frown, totally in love with this man she has 37 illegitimate children with, according to some tabloids. (More importantly though: What do you think Beyoncé was thinking in this moment?) [Us Weekly]

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Cursed Goop photo—pass it on!

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