Christina Aguilera's Bones Mangled in Terrible Photoshop Incident


In one of the weekly tabloids, we saw that Christina Aguilera has a new fragrance, Royal Desire. Tagline: Feel Like A Queen. But there’s something rotten in Denmark: The ad accompanying the perfume features a woman who looks a lot like Christina Aguilera, except Photoshopped to hell and back. (click image below to enlarge)

  • First of all, the face: The chin’s been sculpted, but then someone couldn’t figure out how to make it look normal where the shoulder meets the neck, so it just turned into a valley of shadows.
  • Next, the arm: Sure, it’s bent at a strange angle, but it also has a zillion varying widths, narrowing, then widening again, and finally tapering into a long, strange wrist.
  • On the other side, the other arm looks like it might have two elbows? Or one elbow and one valley of shadows?
  • Also, there’s something missing where her other hip or the rest of her body should be over there on the right.
  • Finally, the knee: The indentation and the width seem off.

Just as a reminder, here’s what Christina looks like — these unretouched photographs were taken October 9.

And here’s the full perfume ad: (click to enlarge)

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UPDATE: Apparently this ad is not new, but from 2010. Photoshop is still completely out of hand, however. Even if she was thinner then, her wrists were not made of gummi bears.

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