Clay Aiken's Congressional Opponent, Keith Crisco, Dies in Fall


As you may have heard, American Idol alumnus Clay Aiken has been competing for a Democratic primary nomination in his North Carolina Congressional district. Today, his chief opponent, Keith Crisco, was found dead at his home, apparently from a fall.

Via WaPo:

Asheboro Elastics Corp., the company Crisco co-founded, confirmed that he died on Monday. The Asheboro Courier-Tribune, which first reported the news, said details about Crisco’s death were incomplete but that early information was that he suffered injuries from a fall. An employee at Crisco’s company also said he suffered a fall, as did Crisco’s campaign.

Naturally, Twitter has already named Aiken as the #1 suspect.

For his part, Aiken has announced that he’s suspending his campaign (via WBTV):

“I am stunned and deeply saddened by Keith Crisco’s death,” Aiken said in a statement.
“Keith came from humble beginnings. No matter how high he rose – to Harvard, to the White House and to the Governor’s Cabinet – he never forgot where he came from.
“He was a gentleman, a good and honorable man and an extraordinary public servant. I was honored to know him.
“I am suspending all campaign activities as we pray for his family and friends.”

Seconded. Deep condolences to everyone affected.

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