"Cleaning Like A Man" Involves Blowing, Balls


Several readers have expressed their (well-justified) displeasure at this morning’s Today segment on “cleaning like a man.” Predictably, masculine cleaning involves balls.

Woman’s Day editor-in-chief Elizabeth Mayhew explains that “men do clean things — take how they clean a car for example.” They just do it more methodically than flighty women, who always forget what they’re doing and leave the glass cleaner in the oven or whatever. Also, men know how to “reward themselves,” which is something women need to learn — except they should apparently substitute girly rewards like Confessions of a Shopaholic and white wine.

Apparently, women can also learn to clean using masculine implements, like tennis balls (good for fluffing), car wax, and leaf blowers. And while the stereotype that men can only do cleaning chores if they involve cars, sports, or power tools is older than Home Improvment, we did enjoy the end of the segment, when Al Roker gives Mayhew a blow job:

Clean Like A Man [MSNBC]

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