Cleveland Kidnapping Survivor Michelle Knight Changes Her Name


Michelle Knight, one of women Ariel Castro kidnapped and held captive for over a decade, is starting fresh: A new life and a new name.

“I felt like every brand new start needs new beginnings,” she said on the Today Show. “My name is Lillian Rose Lee.”

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It’s been nearly one year since the three women — Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Lee — were rescued from the House of Horrors. Lee is releasing a new book on the anniversary of their being freed. In Finding Me, out May 6, the Cleveland resident shares her harrowing experience and how she kept herself going.

As for Berry and DeJesus, the new author told People that they haven’t seen one another for some time. They all remain close; but need time to heal on their own.

“I love them and they love me. Hopefully we’ll all get back together again.”

Lee is busy on the road to recovery herself.

“Sometimes in life, you have a dark past that makes you who you are, but it doesn’t define who you are,” Lee told Today‘s Savannah Guthrie.

Lee, who was held hostage and raped repeatedly, became pregnant and was then beaten by Castro until she miscarried, says she now takes pleasure in life’s smallest moments.

“I don’t take things for granted anymore,” she says, “not even the little things like looking out a window. I went through years of torture, and now I’m back. I’m free to fly.”

Image via NBC.

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