Coach Made a Lil' Tiny Leather Coach Bag for Barbie, and It's Only $95


Okay, everyone: put down that stack of bills equivalent in value to $95 (plus shipping and handling) that you were about to burn, because I have something more fun for you do with it! Mattell has created a genuine leather Coach bag and outfit for your Barbie! Walk, don’t run, to your nearest Useless Shit Commissary and pick one up now — oh, wait, sorry, nevermind; they’re already sold out. Damn.

The Barbie Coach Dream Set (or whatever) consists of an iconic Tattersall trench coat for Barbie, sweater and ultrasuede skirt inspired by archival Bonnie Cashin designs for Barbie, sandals for Barbie, sunglasses for Barbie, genuine leather purse for Barbie, and little bag to protect purse from dust for Barbie.

Seriously, though, these lil’ tiny purses are really cute, ugh, they are just so cute:

In my dream world, they’re all sold out because P.C. from NYC Prep bought every single one of them and will use them them to store Adderall in from now on.

“Coach Barbie Comes With The Smallest, Cutest Leather Purses Ever” [Huffington Post]
Images via Coach.

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