Coming Soon: Hollywood Film About 20th Century Women Directed By A Man


Entertainment for women by women. We do got Girls, and shouts to the creator of Scandal for putting all them strong ass women up in there. This past Thursday the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour announced that Actress Charlize Theron’s production company will develop seven different series with “many” female protagonists. We know it happens, we know ladies making lady things is a real thing. So it’s lightweight disheartening to hear that a major hollywood film depicting 20th century women will be directed by a man.

According to Variety, the film 20th Century Women will begin production later this summer. Its male director, Mike Mills, says it will be “an ode to the women who raised me; my mom, my sisters, the girls I was in love with or looked up to at school and in the punk rock scene where I really learned about the world.”

Here’s a summary of the movie from Deadline:

The period drama is about three very different women teaching a boy what men are, what women are, about love and freedom and finding your own form of sanity in 1979 Santa Barbara. When the boy’s mother takes in a male boarder, his worldview is further shaken by the man’s desire to understand and be loved by these seemingly unknowable women.

Who will these “three very different women” be? Will they look like this? Or like this?

Maybe sorta almost saving grace: White lady Producer Megan Ellison (Her, American Hustle, The Grandmaster) is taking on this project with other white lady Producer Anne Carey, and white dude Producer, Youree Henley.

Rullllll excited to see who these 20th century women bout to be.

Till then…

Image via AP

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