Coming to a TV Near You: Trophy Wife, the Sarah Haskins Story


It’s been a few years since Sarah Haskins’ Current TV series Target: Women ended, but she’s been working on lots of projects since then. And a new fall show on ABC, Trophy Wife, is based on Haskins’ life.

Here’s the premise, according to TV Line:

Party girl Kate (Malin Akerman) and lawyer Pete (Bradley Whitford) “meet cute,” and in short order she becomes his third wife — following in the footsteps of rigid surgeon Diane (Marcia Gay Harden) and New Age-y Jackie (Michaela Watkins) — and a stepmom to a total of three kids.
As series cocreator EP Sarah Haskins — on whose own marriage Trophy Wife is based — noted, “Kate is going to face the challenge of how other people see her.”

TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich writes, “Of the 12 new sitcoms I have screened thus far, Trophy Wife is easily among the Top 4, and upon second viewing might ultimately land in the No. 2 spot.”

The name Trophy Wife is supposed to be ironic, since Kate is so much more than that, and Executive Producer Lee Eisenberg says: “We suspected that people might have certain expectations about it, but ultimately in success a show is a show and the title melts away a little bit. We won’t win or lose because of the title.”

Whether or not Haskins will insert some of her clever takedowns of products aggressively marketed to women remains to be seen. Current TV took down all of the Target:Women clips, but if you’ve never seen them, you can still find some on YouTube; here are a few faves.

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