Comment Of The Day: 69 Has Nothing On These Numbers

A recent study found that that people think of odd numbers as masculine and even numbers as feminine. Whether male or female, our readers have had some rather dicey interactions with digits.
Caenct says:

Number two was no lady when I encountered her in the bathroom earlier today, I’ll tell you that.

bloodlesscoup says:

I think of even numbers as male, odd numbers as female, prime numbers are bi-curious, prime numbers ending in 1 are actually bisexual (I’m looking at you, 11), multiples of five are lesbians, multiples of four are into threesomes, imaginary numbers only ever have missionary sex with their hetero partners because it’s god’s will (they’re like the Duggars of the number world), Pi is actually RuPaul, multiples of ten are gay (and fabulous), you don’t even WANT to know what E is into, and there’s a whole fetish community surrounding square roots that I don’t feel should be mentioned in polite company, but since this is Jezebel, they really put the sin in coSINe.

lucystrawberry says:

some of my numbers dont just have genders, they have personalities.
3-lady (tomboy)
6-man (a sort of arrogant jude law type)
8-lady (powerful business exec type lady)

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