Comment Of The Day: Book Series Guaranteed To Traumatize Your Kid


Why stop at a book that teaches little girls how to diet? drunkexpatwriter has plans for an entire series of books that damage the young and impressionable:

Shit! Now I know how I’ll make the millions I need if I ever want to realize my dream of taking over Honduras and ruling it with an iron fist! I’ll create a whole slew of niche children’s books.
“Bobby Beats The Ballet Boy” – The story of Bobby who was not that popular until his dad taught him that beating up sissies would establish his manhood and earn him the respect of his peers.
“Sally Learns To Say Yes” – Sally felt unpopular because she never got second dates. That is until on one date a boy forced her to go all the way. Then, when the other boys found out she had had sex they all wanted to date her and she never said no again! Now the football players compete for her attention!
“Jenny Gets New Friends” Jenny always wondered why nobody considered her cool enough to join the cheer-leading squad. Then, she dumped her best friend Lisa and discovered that now that she wasn’t hanging out with a loser from the chess team anymore, she was embraced by the JV Squad.
There could be dozens of titles!

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