Comment Of The Day: Shed Un Petit Tear For The French


Much has been taken from the French over the years, and now that includes their ability to be all snooty about staying thin. Ari Schwartz (who’s on a roll this week) says:

You almost have to feel bad for the French here. First they lost their standing as the preeminent power in the world to a bunch of people who think that British food is “good.” Then they lost their empire to a war with a bunch of people who think that lederhosen are fashionable. Then, mon dieu, they had to start taking orders in world affairs from a bunch of people who they not only saved from the British earlier, but then later turned around and became bestest buddies with those Limey assholes.
But they soldiered on, those industrious little frogs. A croisant in one hand, and a cigarette in the other, they let their disdain for the world and iron grip over Chanel drive them forward. Sure, their cars barely have a market in France itself, and nobody really knows what their economy exists for today, but goddammit, they soldiered on knowing that they were the skinniest and prettiest. And the food! They could eat their cheese and drink their wine and laugh at those uncultured Americains and eedeous English pigdogs.
And now even that is gone.
“Ye sons of France, awake to apnea,
Hark, hark! what McGriddles bid you rise!”

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