Comment of the Day: Sympathy for the Downton Abbey Devil


Everyone’s got an opinion about DA’s Edith. Whether you think she’s a dull witted meanie, an even sadder version of Eeyore, or a cute weirdo who just wants to drive a car, everyone’s picking sides. Therefore, today’s #COTD goes to lilgracie346 for kicking off the discussion with her defense of the sweet (?) weirdo:

It surprises me a little that even here on Jez there isn’t more support for Edith. Yes, her decision to out her sister’s deflowering by the son of the Turkish ambassador was petty and desperate but come ON! Maybe I’m speaking out of turn since Season 3 has just started to air here in the states, but having seen the entire season already I have to say that Edith is the only one of the Crawley sisters to actually try to make a life for herself! Sure she wants to get married – that was the currency by which women’s worth was measured at the turn of the twentieth (twenty first???) century – but she also does far more interesting things with herself than the other two nincompoop sisters who basically just appear to change clothes a lot and take lots of walks. You drive that car off into the sunset, Edith, and live your life, girl.

I kinda want “You drive that car off into the sunset, Edith, and live your life, girl.” on my gravestone. But with Laura instead of Edith. Actually, no, Edith’s fine.

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