Complete Slimeball Caught Hiding Numerous Cameras in Women's Bathrooms

In Depth

A man in Irving, Texas has admitted to planting hidden cameras in the women’s restrooms at Starbucks and another restaurant — and he says he hid more. Believe me, if I had the headline space for something more florid than “slimeball,” I would’ve used it.

Sixty four year-old Andrew Boden (oh, so he’s a creepy grandpa, apparently) was arrested on Monday and has since admitted to police that he hid a camera in the women’s restroom at a restaurant called Braum’s — a camera which was discovered back in August of 2013, meaning police have been after this guy for months. Then, they found a second camera hidden at a nearby Starbucks. Boden also admitted to hiding more cameras in other area locations, although the information on which ones has not been released.

Boden apparently bought cameras that looked like door hooks and electrical outlets, because apparently those are a thing that you can just buy as if they were Funyuns. That’s actually how they initially caught that this was going on: when one women went to put her purse on a fauxhook, it fell to the ground. Upon examination, it turned out to be less “convenient apparatus for keeping your belonging from hitting the bathroom floor” and more “violating artifact of creepy-as-shit voyeurism.”

Oh, and in case you think “this guy might actually be innocent, how do we know it wasn’t a coerced confession?!” Well, the other part of how they got him is the above photo: it’s an accidental selfie found on one of the cameras. In other words, this is a pretty open-and-shut case.

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