Concerned White Man Starts Scholarship For Guys Like Him


No doubt disturbed by the dominance of women and people of color in the highest echelons of government and business, one Colby Bohannon has established a college scholarship just for white dudes.

Bohannon tells ABC: “In the landscape of the scholarship foundations in this country, there is just one demographic that does not have a single dedicated scholarship.” That would be white guys, and the solution is Bohannon’s Former Majority Association for Equality. Their mission:

To financially assist young Americans seeking higher education who lack opportunities in similar organizations that are based upon race or gender. In a country that proclaims equality for all, we provide monetary aid to those that have found the scholarship application process difficult because they do not fit into certain categories or any ethnic group.

FMAE’s website also proclaims,

We do not advocate white supremacy, nor do we enable any individual that does. We do not accept donations from organizations affiliated with any sort of white supremacy or hate group. We have no hidden agenda to promote racial bigotry or segregation.

Of course, you could argue that simply establishing a white-male-only scholarship in the first place is racist, or at the very least ill-thought-out. This is far from the first time someone has argued that affirmative action and related efforts disadvantage white dudes, when in fact the entire point of these efforts has been to attempt to grant other groups some of the advantages white men have always enjoyed. Bohannon is correct that “just because you’re white and male doesn’t mean you have a bunch of money lying around to pay for books and rent” — but since Texas, where the FMAE is a registered nonprofit, offers the same need-based financial aid to all ethnic groups, Bohannon’s claim of being left out doesn’t really hold water.

The FMAE has now raised enough money to give out five $500 scholarships — and Texas State University says it will treat them like any other scholarship association. So Bohannon and his group are free to give out money as they see fit. But they should have no illusions about leveling the playing field — in a country where white men still out-earn all other groups, they’re just tipping it in a very familiar direction.

Nonprofit Gives Scholarships To White Males Only [ABC]
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