Condoleezza Rice Cruelly Refuses To Sing The Song Gaddafi Wrote About Her


When Condi Rice appeared on last night’s Daily Show to talk about her new book, Jon Stewart went straight for the real story at hand: the time Condi met Gaddafi. The former Secretary Of State had been warned of the tyrant’s “creepy obsession” with her but went he gave up his “weapons of mass destruction” in 2008, she went on a diplomatic visit to meet him anyway. Condi was a little nervous about his “fixation,” and explains, “Everything was going fine until all of a sudden he said, ‘I have this video for you,’ and I thought, ‘Uh oh, what is this?'”

Here’s what it was: a video tribute to Gaddaffi’s crush featuring photos of Condi set to a song the recently-deceased had recorded just for her called “Black Flower In The White House.” You cannot make this stuff up. Fingers crossed that we’ll someday see it. [Ed: Actually, more than that: We’re putting a bounty on that damn tape which probably no longer exists, but hey. I have cash. You know what to do.]

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